Category: YZF R6

Steering stem

Last couple days I have been doing the average 15000 mile inspections and repacking some of the bearings.  I cleaned, inspected and re-greased the steering stem, swing-arm bushings, and shock linkage.

R6 update

A lot of woodcraft parts.  Woodcraft timing gear cover and alternator cover are installed as well as Woodcraft clipons, rearsets, and Woodcraft frame sliders.

As the Yamaha R6 sits to date

Waiting on parts, money, and time.   Those three things will get here before the spring and so far its going together smoothly.    

New Rearsets

Woodcraft packaged their parts nice and secure.  Pictured is also a set of Woodcraft clipons as well.     I was pleased with the result.  WoodCraft makes some excellent top end items.  I felt...



I was able to find some v blocks and check the runout of the fork tubes.  The tubes only had about .001 runout.  So I am assuming that they are straight and will be...

Salvage auction R6

Most of the damage looked to be cosmetic. I will know more after I start tearing into it and making sure things are true and straight.   Looks like it has a new vortex...